The Defense of Ibis

Infiltration Phase, Fourth Maneuver

Maneuver 4: Intents

  • Humans: Looking for a cargo of Naiven
  • Vaylen: Turn the people against Psychologists

Maneuver 4: Scenes

  1. Brunhild, Color: With Ryan she presses the flesh at an ECF gathering
  2. Amber/Barnes, Building: They contact Dr. Clarkson (Circles Ob 6) and he successfully treats Gooch. But the Gooch has to lose an arm! (Failed recovery check.) Barnes uses his knowledge of the streets and calls in some favors to find Hafdan. Amber has Dr. Clarkson heal Hafdan after Barnes leaves the hospital.
  3. Clementine, Color: She organizes an elite unit to attack the Family. We see her sifting through holo-displays of cultists and their abilities to set up orders for a covert op.
  4. Amber, Conflict: Duel of Wits with Brunhild. Amber enters the ECF hall and orders everyone else out. She then slaps Brunhild and demands to always be informed of the plan (in light of botched attack on Hafdan in the market). Brunhild agrees to inform her on any future use of force (DoW compromise).
  5. Barnes, Interstitial: Awkward conversation with Hafdan. Hafdan is high and lets Barnes know he is planning to smuggle students to the bird-shaped asteroid of Rook for Zero-G Sub-A parties. Barnes also learns that Brunhild’s father was friends with Hafdan and that they used to get high together.
  6. Clementine, Building: She uses Sodalis-wise to analyze her troops, then makes an Ob 5 Circles test to find someone with Exp 5 in Infiltration. She succeeds and contacts Emeric Anderhal – a cultist who was screwed over by the Family.
  7. Barnes, Color: Amber’s birthday party! Princess Rachelle attends and the party is a hit!
  8. Brunhild, Interstitial: Barnes tries to evade her, but he isn’t fast enough. Barnes activates his cone of silence and they argue about Gooch. Things get pretty hostile.
  9. Fire Seeker, Color: He visits the Circle of 10,000 to discuss the Ordo Corvisar and its leader. He urges them to reign in Brunhild.
  10. Clementine, Interstitial: At Amber’s birthday party. She greets Amber, meets Barnes for the first time, and Tranic harasses her.
  11. Brunhild, Building: She Circles up a Psychologist with Infiltration (Ob 6). Basic success (i.e. no name). She uses him to Infiltrate Mundus Humanitas.
  12. Jurek, Interstitial: He goes to reason with Clementine but the conversation quickly turns very hostile and they tell each other off.

Maneuver 4: Results

  • Humans: Successfully Assess the Vaylen disposition. The quarantine discovered a canister of Naiven being smuggled onto Ibis.
  • Vaylen: Successful Take Action against Human disposition -3. In light of Ordo Corvisar actions, there are public demands for inquires into the ethical use of Psychology on Ibis.

Dispositions at End of Maneuver: Human 24, Vaylen 36




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