The Defense of Ibis

Infiltration Phase, Fifth Maneuver

Maneuver 5: Intents

  • Humans: Public education to increase awareness of the Vaylen threat
  • Vaylen: Create confusion about the origin of the discovered Naiven

Maneuver 5: Scenes

  1. Clementine, Color: Her staff informs her about the Naiven discovery and she is indifferent to the news.
  2. Brunhild, Color: Her covert operative sneaks aboard the space station that controls quarantine.
  3. Tranic, Color: He beats down three of Clementine’s troops in a border town.
  4. Barnes, Building: Fails a linked Smuggling test, attempts and Ob 8 Circles test to find the smuggler that brought in the Naiven – success! His name is Dimters Frost. Tries to find a noble cultist that could help him get to Dimters and fails (Ob 4). Mamoun du Urci is part of a Tirkahn sting operation and she will report Barnes’ inquiry to Jurek.
  5. Brunhild, Interstitial: Meets with Amber and Barnes to talk about the Naiven canisters. Amber tries to persuade them that this could be an rouse to disrupt the Tirkahn’s visit. Barnes knows she’s lying. Barnes and Brunhild determine that they must get Jurek to use the percipitator and stop the Tirkahn’s visit.
  6. Hafdan, Building: He detects Barnes’ Circles movement to find the Naiven smuggler. He contacts Clementine for help and she tells him to go to one of her safe houses in the basement of a bar. One of his gang helps him get there (he’s still pretty high) and makes a 3 success Infiltration check to enter the safe house unseen. Also, the newly-hulled Vaylen doctor successfully recovers from the maiming.
  7. Clementine, Conflict: She takes Emeric to the safe house and attacks Hafdan! One of Hafdan’s whores is with him and she knows how to fight. They kill Hafdan but the whore escapes with his car (and the canister of Naiven in the trunk!). Clementine frames Hafdan for the Naiven smuggling and cuts off his head. Clementine is wounded in the fight.
  8. Thor Blarney, Color: Thor (a hulled Bailey Cop) recognizes Hafdan’s car and pulls the whore over. Thor murders her and takes the canister of Naiven back to the Vaylen doctor.
  9. Brunhild, Building: She Circles up a doctor – Halbart – that hates cultists. She fails to intimidate him, but he does his duty and patches up Clementine.
  10. Clementine, Interstitial: She has Emeric send Hafdan’s head to the Family. Clementine reports back to the ECF. Barnes receives the head with a note that reads “You’re Next”.
  11. Barnes, Interstitial: Tells Brunhild about the head. “Is Clementine out to get me?”
  12. Fire Seeker, Conflict: Psychic Duel with Brunhild! The meet at the forum. The Fire Seeker wins – Brunhild recommits to the Warriors Code in all except opposing the Vaylen.
  13. Barnes, Color: Sends a note to Clementine, “A parcel was sent my way…lets talk.” He incinerates Hafdan’s head.

Maneuver 5: Results

  • Humans: Successful Take Action against Vaylen disposition -1.
  • Vaylen: Successful Take Action against Human disposition -3. Everyone on Ibis is wondering if there is a cover up because the Naiven smuggler’s head is missing?

Dispositions at End of Maneuver: Human 21, Vaylen 35




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