The Defense of Ibis

Infiltration Phase, Second Maneuver

Maneuver 2: Intents

  • Humans: Distract the Mundus Humanitas with an internal inquisition
  • Vaylen: Incite a panic over Sub-A

Maneuver 2: Scenes

  1. Fire Seeker, Interstitial: Jurek and the Fire Seeker meet to discuss the evidence against Clementine. They agree to seek Little Val’s help.
  2. Barnes, Interstitial: Meets with Amber to enlist her support in attaining a noble rank. The agree to throw a party and invite the prince.
  3. Little Val, Building: Meets Brunhild at Skarner Reach and they attempt to track down Hafdan. Little Val agrees to help Brunhild in a future Duel of Wits with Barnes.
  4. Fire Seeker, Conflict: Duel of Wits to convince Little Val to arrest Clementine – total success!
  5. Brunhild, Interstitial: She tries to convince Barnes to help Clementine. Little Val talks Amber into pre-posting bail for Clementine.
  6. Clementine, Color: She travels to Mukhadish lands in her sled.
  7. Barnes, Color: He calls all the Family leaders to a meeting about Hafdan.
  8. Hafdan, Building: He uses Streetwise to track down a cop – Thor Blarney – who is alone in the wrong part of town. His gang jumps and captures the cop, leaving behind a teddy bear the cop dropped for his kid.
  9. Little Val, Color: He picks up the teddy bear and swears to make whoever did this pay!
  10. Barnes, Building: He works with Amber to invite Princess Rachelle from the Karsan League capital to attend their party.
  11. Brunhild, Color: She hears about the kidnapping from her sources.
  12. Hafdan, Color: He and his gang lay low – the heat is on looking for the missing cop.
  13. Brunhild, Building: She attempts to chase down Hafdan
  14. Clementine, Conflict: Duel of Wits vs. the Mukhadish leader. Clementine agrees to protect Mukhadish lands from the Sub-A ravers (complete loss).
  15. Hafdan, Building: With Amber’s help he Circles up a doctor with a lot of debt – Phillip Stolkholm (Ob 9 test). Hafdan loans him the money he needs. Without Amber’s knowledge, Hafdan forces Dr Stolkholm to hull the captured cop (Foramen Hull).
  16. Little Val, Interstitial: He makes his way to the Mukhadish border that Clementine is setting up. He arrests her and releases her on bail at the same time.

Maneuver 2: Results

  • Humans: Successfully activate the Theocratic Institutions faction, forcing them out of this phase and adding their disposition to the Human side (+3). It looks as if Mundus Humanitas was out to get Clementine and this revelation triggers an internal investigation.
  • Vaylen: Successfully assess Human disposition. The new border to Mukhadish lands was sheepishly accepted by most humans.




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