The Defense of Ibis

Infiltration Phase, Sixth Maneuver

Maneuver 6: Intents

  • Humans: Claim threat from the Vaylen is over as cover for a sneak attack!
  • Vaylen: Create more confusion about the origin of the discovered Naiven.

Maneuver 6: Scenes

  1. Little Val, Color: Thor Blarney has been beating his wife. Little Val talks to her with Internal Affairs present. We see that the IA cop has been hulled! She doesn’t talk and Little Val becomes more suspicious.
  2. Brunhild, Color: Reviewing schematics for bionic arm that is also a particle weapon! The whole unit is a backpack that swaps out her bionic arm for her.
  3. Jurek, Interstitial: Staff meeting including Little Val and Tarquila. Jurek introduces Mamoun who was undercover working Barnes. He tells them to work together to get evidence on Clementine.
  4. Brunhild, Interstitial: She meets Clementine and Barnes meet for a private meal. Barnes reveals that he knows where the real Naiven smuggler is. They talk about what happened with Hafdan’s head.
  5. Clementine, Color: She asks Emeric why he sent Hafdan’s head to Barnes. Turns out that, years ago, they were on a mission together that went south and Emeric took the fall.
  6. Little Val, Interstitial: He meets with Clementine and Brunhild. Val expresses the need to look out for his troops and Brunhild storms out telling him he only thinks about small potatoes. Clementine agrees to provide troops for surveillance.
  7. Amber, Color: Gooch gets a bionic hand.
  8. Barnes, Interstitial: He learns about the Metropolitans from Mamoun. They believe that cities have souls and wants touchstone objects from off-planet cities smuggled to Ibis. Also, they want to smuggle in Metropolitan cultists from other planets.
  9. Barnes, Building: He researches Trevor Ferishold and discovers that he was the captain of the Basilisk. Circles Ob 4 to find a shipmate that knew both Hafdan and Trevor. He fails the test and finds Old Reno who tries to belt him for besmirching his old crew. Then Barnes acquires a skull integrity scanner that was stolen from the ECF spacestation.
  10. Fire Seeker, Building: He searches for a member of the Ordo Corvisar that is also a faithful follower of Mundus Humanitas. Successfully finds Tagus. She likes the Fire Seeker…
  11. Clementine, Building: Tries to Circles Emeric and fails. Enmity Clause invoked. She directs him to assist the Ordo Corvisar in taking the smuggler. He will interpret those orders broadly (and badly). Emeric makes an Infiltration vs. Observation check to ambush the Ordo Corvisar, but the result is a tie.
  12. Quandus, Interstitial: She contacts Brunhild and asks for a chance to make amends. She says, “Give me a name.” Brunhild answers, “The Fire Seeker.”
  13. Barnes, Color: He rats out Mamoun to the authorities.
  14. Little Val, Building: He successfully uses Investigative Logic to catch Thor Blarney beating his wife, but Thor spots the tail on him and gets away before the ECF troops can learn who Thor is meeting with. Thor also spots Little Val meeting with the ECF troops after.
  15. Brunhild, Conflict: FIREFIGHT: Barnes is on Brunhild’s side. Emeric and Sodalis troops opposed. Several ECF troops are maimed in the fight and Brunhild captures the smuggler. Emeric spits on Barnes.
  16. Clementine, Interstitial: She chews out Emeric for his failure and for deviating from her orders.
  17. Thor Blarney, Building: He ambushes Little Val with the cop Doctor and the IA cop. They overpower him and successfully hull him! But Brunhild was connected at the time…

Maneuver 6: Results

  • Humans: Successful Gambit; -3 to Human disposition, -7 to Vaylen disposition.
  • Vaylen: Successful Flak; No defense due to Gambit, -5 to Human disposition.
  • The Humans capture the real smuggler and get more information, but the hulled police create a lot of confusion about what’s really going on.

Dispositions at End of Maneuver: Human 13, Vaylen 28




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