The Defense of Ibis

Infiltration Phase, Third Maneuver

Maneuver 3: Pie


Maneuver 3: Intents

  • Humans: Discover evidence of the Vaylen threat
  • Vaylen: Supply Sub-A to Ibis

Maneuver 3: Scenes

  1. Little Val, Interstitial: He talks to Jurek, worried that he had disappointed his old friend. Jurek explains that they are completely square and that Little Val did exactly what was needed for the good of Ibis.
  2. Barnes, Conflict: Barnes meets with the other Family leaders to convince them to kill Hafdan. The Family lawyer, Sigismund, opposes this course of action in the DoW. They decide to let Barnes kill Hafdan, but Barnes gains an Infamous reputation among the Family.
  3. Clementine, Color: Tours the volcanic wastes while inspecting the Mukhadish border.
  4. Gooch, Interstitial: He meets Clementine at the border and is impressed by her.
  5. Clementine, Building: With Gooch’s help, she tries to find Xigaka but fails.
  6. Hafdan, Interstitial: He meets with Thor – the Vaylen cop – and they decide to hull a cop doctor and then Tarquila (Little Val’s 2iC)
  7. Brunhild, Intersitial: She talks to her mother about how she knows Hafdan. Amber reveals that Hafdan was friends with Brunhild’s late father. Amber convinces Brunhild to assign an Ordo Corvisar Pyschologist to keep other Psychologists from probing her.
  8. Hafdan, Color: He spies on Tarquila and the Fire Seeker while they are romantically engaged.
  9. Hafdan, Building: Hafdan procures an automated field kit, captures a cop doctor, and successfully hulls him! Unbeknownst to Hafdan, the field kit stores a record of all procedures and sends it to a central data bank.
  10. Brunhild, Building: With Barnes help they determine Hafdan’s location and prepare an ambush.
  11. Hafdan, Conflict: FIREFIGHT! Gooch accompanies Brunhild and her Ordo Corvisar for the attack. The ambush backfires, the gangsters manage to escape, Hafdan suffers an injury, but Gooch is maimed!
  12. Fire Seeker, Building: He researches the Cult of Big Val and determines that she’s well liked and Little Val is only tolerated. They are an offshoot of Mundus Humanitas that has a good understanding of the wheel of fate and is opposed to change.

Maneuver 3: Results

  • Humans: Fail to Asses the Vaylen disposition
  • Vaylen: Successful Flak, -1 to Human disposition. Confusion created by the FIREFIGHT and Sub-A demand allow the Vaylen to smuggle more Naiven and supplies.




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