Amber Von Peregrine

The "Madame Du Pompadour" of our campaign - but using her charms for Vaylen ends


Amber is the power behind the throne on Ibis. Everyone adores her or fears her and there are few (excepting Freshmen) who haven’t heard of her. While of noble blood herself, she came to Ibis from off-world to study and decided to stay. She is a true renaissance woman having studied history, religion, and philosophy as well as mastering court intrigue, the art of seduction, and leading her own church.

Amber has one child, Brunhild Von Peregrine-Ferrishold by her late husband. She never remarried, but the Ferrishold house still claims her despite rather public affairs with members of more prominent houses. In fact, they are quite proud of Amber – more so than her Psychologist daughter and house heir.

Not only is Amber Von Peregrine a celebrity on Ibis, she’s become famous throughout Karsan League space. She’s been off world several times and has recently returned from one such trip as our story begins.

Amber Von Peregrine

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