Clementine Church

Regina Luna. Freya Reborn


Google Docs Character Sheet

Age: 33


  • Keep Hafdan of Rook in power to preserve the black market I worked so hard to establish.
  • I must conscript an army of Mukhadish before the Mundis Hamanatis does.
  • The Vaylen threat is really a ploy by the Mundis Humanatis to replace all of the universe with willing slaves to their dogma, and I will expose their plot by taking down their golden boy Inquisitor Bjorven.


  • Question authority
  • It’s not what you believe but the power of belief itself
  • Always keep a holdout


Will 3 Perception 6 Agility 6 Speed 5 Power 3 Forte 3
Steel 6, Hesitation 2, Circles 4, Resources 4

Physical Tolerance: 2 / 3 / 7 / 9
Armored Tolerance: 5 / 6 / 10 / 12

Fate: 2 Personal: 1 Deeds: 0


Assault Weapons Agi 5d p225
Command Wil 4d p227
Doctrine – Cult Per 4d p228
Pilot Per/Agi 5d p239
Repair Per/Agi 3d p240
Smuggling Wil/Per 4d p242
Tactics Per 6d p244
Ugly Truth Wil 2d p244
Vehicular Weapons Per 3d p244
Dregus-Wise Per 4d
Regulation-Wise Per 4d
Sodalis-Wise Per 4d

Affiliations, Reputations, Relationships, Contacts

Affiliation 2d Bræðralag – the unified military of Ibis
Affiliation 1d Archcotare
Affiliation 1d Devotees to Fire
Reputation 2d Regina Luna
Relationship Tranic Von Loor – Younger Brother
Relationship Inquisitor Bjorven – Rival

Technology and Property

Anvil Armor
Assault Gun


Character Traits


Dice Traits

*Cotar Fomas
*Sworn to the Fire
*Anvil Trained
*Devoted to Fire

Call-On Trait



*Born on the Streets
*Devoted to Fire
*Sodalis Captain
*Cotar Fomas


Clementine is a savvy blond beauty that found herself orphaned on the streets at a young age along with her younger brother Tranic. Clementine turned to smuggling to survive and found herself working for the Asgardians during the height of their rebellion against the Mundis Humanitas. Her skill at commanding and leading soon became paramount in the Tenure Wars and especially during the Charge of the Irridium Fjord. Eventually Clementine found herself promoted to Regina Luna, the first female to hold the position of authority over all of the Asgardian forces. It wasn’t long after that Clementine was nominated as supreme military commander by the Ecumenical Choir of Faiths. However, her meteoric rise to success cost her greatly as her brother Tranic chose to support the Mundis Humanitas, having been swayed by Inquisitor Bjorven leading to a bitter rivalry that goes far beyond the two sides of the struggle of military supremacy.

Clementine Church

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