Inquisitor Aöalbjorn Panzer Bjorven

Driven persecutor of cultists with psychic powers and big gun


Aöalbjorn is known as the “The Fire Seeker” because he leads the inquisition for Mundus Humanitas on Ibis (called the Order of the Seeking Fire or OKS) and because his name is exhausting. He is dedicated, bordering on fanatical, but he knows how to work with anyone who can help him.

He saw battle as a young man during the Tenure Wars and since that time has been on a fast path to leadership in the church. As the Inquisitor for the church, he commands a small but fierce cadre of Sodalis assigned to the OKS. His second in this regard is Tranic Von Loor.

Inquisitor Aöalbjorn Panzer Bjorven

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