Duke Jurek Reynar

"The Last Honest Bureaucrat", a confident Hammer Lord with strong Imperial ties


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Morning glory jurek
Jurek’s Command Ship – Morning Glory


Jurek’s family has close, historic ties with the house of Emperor Tirkahn. Jurek was raised to believe that serving the Emperor was of greater importance than the affairs of Ibis. His family is charged with maintaining the Imperial presence on Ibis, including the Imperial Estate where Emperor Tirkahn resides when visiting one of his many children or grandchildren as they graduate or start school (time permitting).

After the Tenure Wars, Jurek left Ibis for a time to serve in the Imperial Hammer fleets. He spent some time at the front fighting Vaylen ships, so he believes he understands the threat better than anyone on Ibis. He is now in charge of the Imperial Hammer detachment stationed in the system in addition to his family duties as the Duke of House Reynar. The men and women of his detachment are largely from Ibis and they are always eager to listen to tales from his years abroad.

As a leader of both Hammer forces for the Imperial Bureaucracy on Ibis and the Imperial Estate, one of his chief concerns is money. After years of practice in this area there is little he cannot acquire if needed. But his mind is mostly concerned with strategic matters. Jurek is one of the few long-term thinkers.

Jurek is close friends with Little Val and has frequent business with Prince Isembard.

The Imperial Residence on Ibis
Imperial residence

Duke Jurek Reynar

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