Both a drug and the name of the musical style it enhances


+1D Perception for tests involving hearing (4pt for die, -1pt for categorical limitation)
+2 Ob for Will tests vs suggestion – in a Duel of Wits or Persuasion test – and Psychology (2pts, -1pt for categorical limitation)

Injested: Subject must injest Sub-A in order for it to have an effect (-2pt)
Limited Duration: The effects of Sub-A only last for one scene (-2pt)
Dime Bags: Sub-A normal comes in bags of 10 pills (+1pt)

Resources: Ob 3 (Base Ob 1, +2 due to Regulation)


Subliminal Aquatica – known as Sub-A – is a form of underwater musical entertainment that uses ultrasonic frequencies and subliminal encoding. It’s a bit of a game to figure out what the lyrics are and to pop up to the surface to start singing them. Sub-A is enhanced by a drug of the same name that heightens hearing and leaves you more susceptible to suggestion. Since forms of entertainment are regulated by the Over-College of Arts, Sub-A performers are smuggled in from off-world to perform in underground venues. Sometimes these gatherings take place in Mukhadish lands, often with kickbacks to the Mukhadish tribes to help setup and work security. The Over-College of Arts disapproves of this new entertainment as unworthy of the minds of the students of Ibis.


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