The Defense of Ibis

Infiltration Phase, Sixth Maneuver

Maneuver 6: Intents

  • Humans: Claim threat from the Vaylen is over as cover for a sneak attack!
  • Vaylen: Create more confusion about the origin of the discovered Naiven.

Maneuver 6: Scenes

  1. Little Val, Color: Thor Blarney has been beating his wife. Little Val talks to her with Internal Affairs present. We see that the IA cop has been hulled! She doesn’t talk and Little Val becomes more suspicious.
  2. Brunhild, Color: Reviewing schematics for bionic arm that is also a particle weapon! The whole unit is a backpack that swaps out her bionic arm for her.
  3. Jurek, Interstitial: Staff meeting including Little Val and Tarquila. Jurek introduces Mamoun who was undercover working Barnes. He tells them to work together to get evidence on Clementine.
  4. Brunhild, Interstitial: She meets Clementine and Barnes meet for a private meal. Barnes reveals that he knows where the real Naiven smuggler is. They talk about what happened with Hafdan’s head.
  5. Clementine, Color: She asks Emeric why he sent Hafdan’s head to Barnes. Turns out that, years ago, they were on a mission together that went south and Emeric took the fall.
  6. Little Val, Interstitial: He meets with Clementine and Brunhild. Val expresses the need to look out for his troops and Brunhild storms out telling him he only thinks about small potatoes. Clementine agrees to provide troops for surveillance.
  7. Amber, Color: Gooch gets a bionic hand.
  8. Barnes, Interstitial: He learns about the Metropolitans from Mamoun. They believe that cities have souls and wants touchstone objects from off-planet cities smuggled to Ibis. Also, they want to smuggle in Metropolitan cultists from other planets.
  9. Barnes, Building: He researches Trevor Ferishold and discovers that he was the captain of the Basilisk. Circles Ob 4 to find a shipmate that knew both Hafdan and Trevor. He fails the test and finds Old Reno who tries to belt him for besmirching his old crew. Then Barnes acquires a skull integrity scanner that was stolen from the ECF spacestation.
  10. Fire Seeker, Building: He searches for a member of the Ordo Corvisar that is also a faithful follower of Mundus Humanitas. Successfully finds Tagus. She likes the Fire Seeker…
  11. Clementine, Building: Tries to Circles Emeric and fails. Enmity Clause invoked. She directs him to assist the Ordo Corvisar in taking the smuggler. He will interpret those orders broadly (and badly). Emeric makes an Infiltration vs. Observation check to ambush the Ordo Corvisar, but the result is a tie.
  12. Quandus, Interstitial: She contacts Brunhild and asks for a chance to make amends. She says, “Give me a name.” Brunhild answers, “The Fire Seeker.”
  13. Barnes, Color: He rats out Mamoun to the authorities.
  14. Little Val, Building: He successfully uses Investigative Logic to catch Thor Blarney beating his wife, but Thor spots the tail on him and gets away before the ECF troops can learn who Thor is meeting with. Thor also spots Little Val meeting with the ECF troops after.
  15. Brunhild, Conflict: FIREFIGHT: Barnes is on Brunhild’s side. Emeric and Sodalis troops opposed. Several ECF troops are maimed in the fight and Brunhild captures the smuggler. Emeric spits on Barnes.
  16. Clementine, Interstitial: She chews out Emeric for his failure and for deviating from her orders.
  17. Thor Blarney, Building: He ambushes Little Val with the cop Doctor and the IA cop. They overpower him and successfully hull him! But Brunhild was connected at the time…

Maneuver 6: Results

  • Humans: Successful Gambit; -3 to Human disposition, -7 to Vaylen disposition.
  • Vaylen: Successful Flak; No defense due to Gambit, -5 to Human disposition.
  • The Humans capture the real smuggler and get more information, but the hulled police create a lot of confusion about what’s really going on.

Dispositions at End of Maneuver: Human 13, Vaylen 28


Infiltration Phase, Fifth Maneuver

Maneuver 5: Intents

  • Humans: Public education to increase awareness of the Vaylen threat
  • Vaylen: Create confusion about the origin of the discovered Naiven

Maneuver 5: Scenes

  1. Clementine, Color: Her staff informs her about the Naiven discovery and she is indifferent to the news.
  2. Brunhild, Color: Her covert operative sneaks aboard the space station that controls quarantine.
  3. Tranic, Color: He beats down three of Clementine’s troops in a border town.
  4. Barnes, Building: Fails a linked Smuggling test, attempts and Ob 8 Circles test to find the smuggler that brought in the Naiven – success! His name is Dimters Frost. Tries to find a noble cultist that could help him get to Dimters and fails (Ob 4). Mamoun du Urci is part of a Tirkahn sting operation and she will report Barnes’ inquiry to Jurek.
  5. Brunhild, Interstitial: Meets with Amber and Barnes to talk about the Naiven canisters. Amber tries to persuade them that this could be an rouse to disrupt the Tirkahn’s visit. Barnes knows she’s lying. Barnes and Brunhild determine that they must get Jurek to use the percipitator and stop the Tirkahn’s visit.
  6. Hafdan, Building: He detects Barnes’ Circles movement to find the Naiven smuggler. He contacts Clementine for help and she tells him to go to one of her safe houses in the basement of a bar. One of his gang helps him get there (he’s still pretty high) and makes a 3 success Infiltration check to enter the safe house unseen. Also, the newly-hulled Vaylen doctor successfully recovers from the maiming.
  7. Clementine, Conflict: She takes Emeric to the safe house and attacks Hafdan! One of Hafdan’s whores is with him and she knows how to fight. They kill Hafdan but the whore escapes with his car (and the canister of Naiven in the trunk!). Clementine frames Hafdan for the Naiven smuggling and cuts off his head. Clementine is wounded in the fight.
  8. Thor Blarney, Color: Thor (a hulled Bailey Cop) recognizes Hafdan’s car and pulls the whore over. Thor murders her and takes the canister of Naiven back to the Vaylen doctor.
  9. Brunhild, Building: She Circles up a doctor – Halbart – that hates cultists. She fails to intimidate him, but he does his duty and patches up Clementine.
  10. Clementine, Interstitial: She has Emeric send Hafdan’s head to the Family. Clementine reports back to the ECF. Barnes receives the head with a note that reads “You’re Next”.
  11. Barnes, Interstitial: Tells Brunhild about the head. “Is Clementine out to get me?”
  12. Fire Seeker, Conflict: Psychic Duel with Brunhild! The meet at the forum. The Fire Seeker wins – Brunhild recommits to the Warriors Code in all except opposing the Vaylen.
  13. Barnes, Color: Sends a note to Clementine, “A parcel was sent my way…lets talk.” He incinerates Hafdan’s head.

Maneuver 5: Results

  • Humans: Successful Take Action against Vaylen disposition -1.
  • Vaylen: Successful Take Action against Human disposition -3. Everyone on Ibis is wondering if there is a cover up because the Naiven smuggler’s head is missing?

Dispositions at End of Maneuver: Human 21, Vaylen 35


Infiltration Phase, Fourth Maneuver

Maneuver 4: Intents

  • Humans: Looking for a cargo of Naiven
  • Vaylen: Turn the people against Psychologists

Maneuver 4: Scenes

  1. Brunhild, Color: With Ryan she presses the flesh at an ECF gathering
  2. Amber/Barnes, Building: They contact Dr. Clarkson (Circles Ob 6) and he successfully treats Gooch. But the Gooch has to lose an arm! (Failed recovery check.) Barnes uses his knowledge of the streets and calls in some favors to find Hafdan. Amber has Dr. Clarkson heal Hafdan after Barnes leaves the hospital.
  3. Clementine, Color: She organizes an elite unit to attack the Family. We see her sifting through holo-displays of cultists and their abilities to set up orders for a covert op.
  4. Amber, Conflict: Duel of Wits with Brunhild. Amber enters the ECF hall and orders everyone else out. She then slaps Brunhild and demands to always be informed of the plan (in light of botched attack on Hafdan in the market). Brunhild agrees to inform her on any future use of force (DoW compromise).
  5. Barnes, Interstitial: Awkward conversation with Hafdan. Hafdan is high and lets Barnes know he is planning to smuggle students to the bird-shaped asteroid of Rook for Zero-G Sub-A parties. Barnes also learns that Brunhild’s father was friends with Hafdan and that they used to get high together.
  6. Clementine, Building: She uses Sodalis-wise to analyze her troops, then makes an Ob 5 Circles test to find someone with Exp 5 in Infiltration. She succeeds and contacts Emeric Anderhal – a cultist who was screwed over by the Family.
  7. Barnes, Color: Amber’s birthday party! Princess Rachelle attends and the party is a hit!
  8. Brunhild, Interstitial: Barnes tries to evade her, but he isn’t fast enough. Barnes activates his cone of silence and they argue about Gooch. Things get pretty hostile.
  9. Fire Seeker, Color: He visits the Circle of 10,000 to discuss the Ordo Corvisar and its leader. He urges them to reign in Brunhild.
  10. Clementine, Interstitial: At Amber’s birthday party. She greets Amber, meets Barnes for the first time, and Tranic harasses her.
  11. Brunhild, Building: She Circles up a Psychologist with Infiltration (Ob 6). Basic success (i.e. no name). She uses him to Infiltrate Mundus Humanitas.
  12. Jurek, Interstitial: He goes to reason with Clementine but the conversation quickly turns very hostile and they tell each other off.

Maneuver 4: Results

  • Humans: Successfully Assess the Vaylen disposition. The quarantine discovered a canister of Naiven being smuggled onto Ibis.
  • Vaylen: Successful Take Action against Human disposition -3. In light of Ordo Corvisar actions, there are public demands for inquires into the ethical use of Psychology on Ibis.

Dispositions at End of Maneuver: Human 24, Vaylen 36


Infiltration Phase, Third Maneuver

Maneuver 3: Pie


Maneuver 3: Intents

  • Humans: Discover evidence of the Vaylen threat
  • Vaylen: Supply Sub-A to Ibis

Maneuver 3: Scenes

  1. Little Val, Interstitial: He talks to Jurek, worried that he had disappointed his old friend. Jurek explains that they are completely square and that Little Val did exactly what was needed for the good of Ibis.
  2. Barnes, Conflict: Barnes meets with the other Family leaders to convince them to kill Hafdan. The Family lawyer, Sigismund, opposes this course of action in the DoW. They decide to let Barnes kill Hafdan, but Barnes gains an Infamous reputation among the Family.
  3. Clementine, Color: Tours the volcanic wastes while inspecting the Mukhadish border.
  4. Gooch, Interstitial: He meets Clementine at the border and is impressed by her.
  5. Clementine, Building: With Gooch’s help, she tries to find Xigaka but fails.
  6. Hafdan, Interstitial: He meets with Thor – the Vaylen cop – and they decide to hull a cop doctor and then Tarquila (Little Val’s 2iC)
  7. Brunhild, Intersitial: She talks to her mother about how she knows Hafdan. Amber reveals that Hafdan was friends with Brunhild’s late father. Amber convinces Brunhild to assign an Ordo Corvisar Pyschologist to keep other Psychologists from probing her.
  8. Hafdan, Color: He spies on Tarquila and the Fire Seeker while they are romantically engaged.
  9. Hafdan, Building: Hafdan procures an automated field kit, captures a cop doctor, and successfully hulls him! Unbeknownst to Hafdan, the field kit stores a record of all procedures and sends it to a central data bank.
  10. Brunhild, Building: With Barnes help they determine Hafdan’s location and prepare an ambush.
  11. Hafdan, Conflict: FIREFIGHT! Gooch accompanies Brunhild and her Ordo Corvisar for the attack. The ambush backfires, the gangsters manage to escape, Hafdan suffers an injury, but Gooch is maimed!
  12. Fire Seeker, Building: He researches the Cult of Big Val and determines that she’s well liked and Little Val is only tolerated. They are an offshoot of Mundus Humanitas that has a good understanding of the wheel of fate and is opposed to change.

Maneuver 3: Results

  • Humans: Fail to Asses the Vaylen disposition
  • Vaylen: Successful Flak, -1 to Human disposition. Confusion created by the FIREFIGHT and Sub-A demand allow the Vaylen to smuggle more Naiven and supplies.


Infiltration Phase, Second Maneuver

Maneuver 2: Intents

  • Humans: Distract the Mundus Humanitas with an internal inquisition
  • Vaylen: Incite a panic over Sub-A

Maneuver 2: Scenes

  1. Fire Seeker, Interstitial: Jurek and the Fire Seeker meet to discuss the evidence against Clementine. They agree to seek Little Val’s help.
  2. Barnes, Interstitial: Meets with Amber to enlist her support in attaining a noble rank. The agree to throw a party and invite the prince.
  3. Little Val, Building: Meets Brunhild at Skarner Reach and they attempt to track down Hafdan. Little Val agrees to help Brunhild in a future Duel of Wits with Barnes.
  4. Fire Seeker, Conflict: Duel of Wits to convince Little Val to arrest Clementine – total success!
  5. Brunhild, Interstitial: She tries to convince Barnes to help Clementine. Little Val talks Amber into pre-posting bail for Clementine.
  6. Clementine, Color: She travels to Mukhadish lands in her sled.
  7. Barnes, Color: He calls all the Family leaders to a meeting about Hafdan.
  8. Hafdan, Building: He uses Streetwise to track down a cop – Thor Blarney – who is alone in the wrong part of town. His gang jumps and captures the cop, leaving behind a teddy bear the cop dropped for his kid.
  9. Little Val, Color: He picks up the teddy bear and swears to make whoever did this pay!
  10. Barnes, Building: He works with Amber to invite Princess Rachelle from the Karsan League capital to attend their party.
  11. Brunhild, Color: She hears about the kidnapping from her sources.
  12. Hafdan, Color: He and his gang lay low – the heat is on looking for the missing cop.
  13. Brunhild, Building: She attempts to chase down Hafdan
  14. Clementine, Conflict: Duel of Wits vs. the Mukhadish leader. Clementine agrees to protect Mukhadish lands from the Sub-A ravers (complete loss).
  15. Hafdan, Building: With Amber’s help he Circles up a doctor with a lot of debt – Phillip Stolkholm (Ob 9 test). Hafdan loans him the money he needs. Without Amber’s knowledge, Hafdan forces Dr Stolkholm to hull the captured cop (Foramen Hull).
  16. Little Val, Interstitial: He makes his way to the Mukhadish border that Clementine is setting up. He arrests her and releases her on bail at the same time.

Maneuver 2: Results

  • Humans: Successfully activate the Theocratic Institutions faction, forcing them out of this phase and adding their disposition to the Human side (+3). It looks as if Mundus Humanitas was out to get Clementine and this revelation triggers an internal investigation.
  • Vaylen: Successfully assess Human disposition. The new border to Mukhadish lands was sheepishly accepted by most humans.


Infiltration Phase, First Maneuver: Full Report
And so it begins...

This is the full report for the first session which consisted of only one Maneuver and the Phase Prequels.

Phase Prequels

  • Human: Little Val has recently replaced his sister and wants to go after Hafdan with all the authority of the law
  • Vaylen: The Fire Seeker has been quiet long enough and is ready to take down the cults.

Maneuver 1: Scenes

  1. Brunhild, Color: Description of Skarner Reach with the college town above and troops drilling in the fortress below. Here lieutenant is there and she tell him it’s time to advance Psychology by improving the Ordo Corvisar
  2. Barnes, Color: Learns where Little Val eats once a month and sets up a surprise meeting.
  3. Jurek, Interstitial: Calls Little Val and encourages him to investigate Sub-A and Clementine Church’s connection to it.
  4. Little Val, Building: Little Val learns that Professor Holma may know where to find a Sub-A rave. He calls he to his office, but she’s clearly a Big Val supporter and not too cooperative. But he pressures her and she buckles, giving Little Val a rave card. He raids the rave, but Clementine and Hafdan get away in the confusion.
  5. Clementine, Building: She and Hafdan find a Mukhadish leader and Clementine performs the Tonk ceremony with him. She also gives him a knife to seal the friendship.
  6. Brunhild, Interstitial: In the Prince’s gardens she meets with Amber, Barnes, and Gooch. She makes a psychic connection with her mother. They talk about the future of Ibis and Brunhild says that Amber should rule. Amber says she will consider it.
  7. Barnes, Interstitial: Barnes meets Little Val at the restaurant and offers him info on Hafdan in exchange for an invitation to the reception for the Emperor. Val has no problem handing out the invitation (without even asking for anything in exchange) but distrustfully accepts the information on Hafdan from this mysterious stranger.
  8. Amber, Building: She researches public perceptions of Prince Isembard with Barnes’ help. They learn that most people think he’s crazy but the media loves reporting on his adventures.
  9. Little Val, Interstitial: He meets Brunhild and Clementine at a party. Brunhild makes a connection with Little Val.
  10. Little Val, Color: He investigates Barnes’ background with his police force.
  11. Gooch, Building: He tries to find the Mukhadish leader that Clementine befriended, but he learns nothing and his inquiries tip off Clementine.
  12. Barnes, Conflict: He confronts Little Val and tries to persuade him to arrest Hafdan while keeping his name out of it (DoW). He succeeds and Little Val has confirmation of Barnes’ criminal ties.
  13. Clementine, Color: ??? I was out of the room for most of this scene and don’t have any notes. Someone please fill it in as best you can recall.
  14. Fire Seeker, Building: Attempts to find Signals evidence of Clementine’s movements and involvement with the Sub A raves. He succeeds and has the evidence he needs to confront Little Val.
  15. Brunhild, Conflict: Psychic duel with Clementine to change her Belief so that she will give the new Mukhadish army to the Ordo Corvisar. Brunhild succeeds completely.
  16. Tranic, Color: He’s at a party trying to recruit Lords-Pilot to the Inquisition.
  17. Clementine, Interstitial: Meets with Little Val outside of a Family safe house where Clementine was expecting to find Hafdan. There’s someone in a police car and Little Val says he’s behind the Sub A raves. Clementine claims she was out for a jog.
  18. Hafdan, Color: He is walking back to the safe house, taking hits of some drug. He sees all the police cars out front and hides in an alley. After watching for a few minutes, he leaves.
Infiltration Phase, First Maneuver: Quick Summary

We played our first session last night. We only played one Maneuver, but it went very well. We’ll post a more detailed summary before the next session.

  • Little Val raided a Sub-A rave, but Hafdan and Clementine got away and made friends with the Mukhadish leader.
  • A Duel of Wits between Little Val and Barnes. Barnes convinced Little Val to arrest and prosecute Hafdan of Rook and keep Barnes’ role in the affair secret.
  • Gooch tried to find out about Clementine’s meeting with the Mukhadish. He came up empty and tipped off Clementine in the process
  • A brutal Psychic Duel where Brunhild Von Peregrine-Ferrishold mentally abused Clementine Church into giving her Muhkadish army to Brunhild (assuming she even succeeds in that goal.
  • The Human side won Maneuver, successfully Assessing the Factions.
Scene Economy

Here’s a picture of the Burning Empires scene economy in action:

Scenes infil maneuver1


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