The Defense of Ibis

Infiltration Phase, First Maneuver: Full Report
And so it begins...

This is the full report for the first session which consisted of only one Maneuver and the Phase Prequels.

Phase Prequels

  • Human: Little Val has recently replaced his sister and wants to go after Hafdan with all the authority of the law
  • Vaylen: The Fire Seeker has been quiet long enough and is ready to take down the cults.

Maneuver 1: Scenes

  1. Brunhild, Color: Description of Skarner Reach with the college town above and troops drilling in the fortress below. Here lieutenant is there and she tell him it’s time to advance Psychology by improving the Ordo Corvisar
  2. Barnes, Color: Learns where Little Val eats once a month and sets up a surprise meeting.
  3. Jurek, Interstitial: Calls Little Val and encourages him to investigate Sub-A and Clementine Church’s connection to it.
  4. Little Val, Building: Little Val learns that Professor Holma may know where to find a Sub-A rave. He calls he to his office, but she’s clearly a Big Val supporter and not too cooperative. But he pressures her and she buckles, giving Little Val a rave card. He raids the rave, but Clementine and Hafdan get away in the confusion.
  5. Clementine, Building: She and Hafdan find a Mukhadish leader and Clementine performs the Tonk ceremony with him. She also gives him a knife to seal the friendship.
  6. Brunhild, Interstitial: In the Prince’s gardens she meets with Amber, Barnes, and Gooch. She makes a psychic connection with her mother. They talk about the future of Ibis and Brunhild says that Amber should rule. Amber says she will consider it.
  7. Barnes, Interstitial: Barnes meets Little Val at the restaurant and offers him info on Hafdan in exchange for an invitation to the reception for the Emperor. Val has no problem handing out the invitation (without even asking for anything in exchange) but distrustfully accepts the information on Hafdan from this mysterious stranger.
  8. Amber, Building: She researches public perceptions of Prince Isembard with Barnes’ help. They learn that most people think he’s crazy but the media loves reporting on his adventures.
  9. Little Val, Interstitial: He meets Brunhild and Clementine at a party. Brunhild makes a connection with Little Val.
  10. Little Val, Color: He investigates Barnes’ background with his police force.
  11. Gooch, Building: He tries to find the Mukhadish leader that Clementine befriended, but he learns nothing and his inquiries tip off Clementine.
  12. Barnes, Conflict: He confronts Little Val and tries to persuade him to arrest Hafdan while keeping his name out of it (DoW). He succeeds and Little Val has confirmation of Barnes’ criminal ties.
  13. Clementine, Color: ??? I was out of the room for most of this scene and don’t have any notes. Someone please fill it in as best you can recall.
  14. Fire Seeker, Building: Attempts to find Signals evidence of Clementine’s movements and involvement with the Sub A raves. He succeeds and has the evidence he needs to confront Little Val.
  15. Brunhild, Conflict: Psychic duel with Clementine to change her Belief so that she will give the new Mukhadish army to the Ordo Corvisar. Brunhild succeeds completely.
  16. Tranic, Color: He’s at a party trying to recruit Lords-Pilot to the Inquisition.
  17. Clementine, Interstitial: Meets with Little Val outside of a Family safe house where Clementine was expecting to find Hafdan. There’s someone in a police car and Little Val says he’s behind the Sub A raves. Clementine claims she was out for a jog.
  18. Hafdan, Color: He is walking back to the safe house, taking hits of some drug. He sees all the police cars out front and hides in an alley. After watching for a few minutes, he leaves.
Infiltration Phase, First Maneuver: Quick Summary

We played our first session last night. We only played one Maneuver, but it went very well. We’ll post a more detailed summary before the next session.

  • Little Val raided a Sub-A rave, but Hafdan and Clementine got away and made friends with the Mukhadish leader.
  • A Duel of Wits between Little Val and Barnes. Barnes convinced Little Val to arrest and prosecute Hafdan of Rook and keep Barnes’ role in the affair secret.
  • Gooch tried to find out about Clementine’s meeting with the Mukhadish. He came up empty and tipped off Clementine in the process
  • A brutal Psychic Duel where Brunhild Von Peregrine-Ferrishold mentally abused Clementine Church into giving her Muhkadish army to Brunhild (assuming she even succeeds in that goal.
  • The Human side won Maneuver, successfully Assessing the Factions.
Scene Economy

Here’s a picture of the Burning Empires scene economy in action:

Scenes infil maneuver1


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