Religions of Ibis

Mundus Humanitas

While never the dominant religion of Ibis, the church has played a major role in the planet’s history since the end of the Pirate Junta. The church has acted as a military power, a political force, and a major player in academia. The fact that Mundus Humanitas is not even more influential upsets many of its members who think it should be the only church. But as most followers were born and raised on Ibis, the spirit of religious tolerance and cooperation is not without its adherents within the church hierarchy.

ECF Fountain of Unity

Ecumenical Choir of Faiths (ECF)

The ECF is an umbrella orginization for all of the various cult churches of Ibis. It wields temporal power as well since it was charged with the military defense of Ibis after the Tenure Wars. Clementine leads the military forces of the ECF. Representatives of all the participating churches comprise the choir and elect ECF leaders and ministers from their ranks.

Below are some of the important churches in the ECF:

“Children of Val”

The Baileys of Pallas Sophia and the University’s cult militia adhere to a loose philosophy based originally on extreme Materialism, but lately sliding into veneration of a Big Val as a kind of wrongly-accused saint. They have no official name, but are generally referred to, in a derogatory sense, as the Children of Val. The general consensus is that the soul is some kind of unique energy that isn’t immediately detectable by any known technology and that proper diet, fitness, moral rectitude and rational self-interest strengthen it. Currently, the Children of Val act like conspiracy theorists, maintaining that Big Val was deposed out of jealousy or to hide her unique material state from suspicious Mundus Humanitas investigators. No blame has yet fallen on her little brother, but the cult is ripe for schism.

Meditation Room in the Church of Logos

Church of Logos

Amber Von Peregrine started the Church of Logos where they believe in the Platonic Logos cult ideas of working to achieve the perfection of the divine template you are meant to be. She lead this church through the turmoil of the Tenure Wars and served as Arbiter to the ECF that helped end the war. While no longer involved in the day-to-day affairs of either, she is still highly regarded in that arena.

Religions of Ibis

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