Tenure Wars

The “Tenure Wars” started as a commune protest to create a fair and consistent tenure program across the entire Ibis university system. The nobles that funded and ostensibly governed the universities had become notorious for dismissing faculty that displeased them or made them look foolish. Many wiser nobles had some sympathy with the tenure movement and realized that the reputation of Ibis as a jewel of academia was being tarnished by the antics of their peers.
College of Oceanography
But when the protesters declared a “Tenure War” and started disrupting course schedules (and payment) with their sit-ins and walk-outs, the nobles were quickly enraged. They started sending in their house forces, bolstered by Cult Church followers, to disrupt the protests, but there was little coordination between them and the forces of Mundus Humanitas that were tasked with Ibis’ defenses.

Since the founding of the first university on Ibis, religious tolerance has been practiced on the planet. This makes it a haven for many heretical belief and as the planet grew in population and stature these beliefs became mainstream on Ibis. Noble houses, eager to curry favor with commoners and academics, often adopt whatever religion is most popular on their family’s campus. But the soldiers of Mundus Humanitas still see them as heretics.

When the noble house troops swelled with cultists and Mundus Humanitas troops both attacked the same, large protest, their lack of coordination resulted in losses on both sides (not to mention a total slaughter of the hapless protesters) due to “friendly fire” that few saw as friendly. This spark lit the true series of battles that became know as the Tenure Wars despite having little to do with labor practices and has everything to do with religion. (See also the Charge of the Irridium Fjord)

When the war was over, the commune faction was destroyed, the Cult Churches rose to power as the predominant military on Ibis, and Mundus Humanitas was given accreditation authority over all Ibis universities. Ironically, tenure is now standardized under Mundus Humanitas accreditation.

Tenure Wars

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