The Defense of Ibis

Welcome to The Defense of Ibis campaign pages. This is a scifi roleplaying game using the Burning Empires system.

Ibis is a pretentious world filled with ivory tower academics and pseudo-intellectual nobles. And the pretensions of Ibis go beyond academics and turn toward hypocrisy. The planet is known for religious tolerance and the emancipation of slaves. But the Karsan League nobles who send their children to study on Ibis are largely devout followers of the intolerant Mundus Humanitas and they rule over planets filled with serfs. Ibis wallows in its petty differences and academic laurels indifferent to the dangers of the Vaylen. Will the humans of Ibis wake up to the threat before it is too late?

Ibis Relationship Map, Infiltration 2 13 13

Beliefs and Relationships

Beliefs and relationships are key to Burning Empires. Here’s our initial setup for the first session:

Beliefs First Session
First Session Relationship Map


Unlike a lot of RPGs, in Burning Empires the players and GM create the setting together. And through play even more setting details are created cooperatively.
A College Campus on Ibis

Ibis: The planet we created together
History of Ibis: A continuous work in progress
Religions of Ibis: An overview of the major faiths of Ibis and their viewpoints
Tenure Wars: Major conflict in the recent history of Ibis
Charge of the Irridium Fjord: Key battle in the Tenure Wars
Watermark Library: Controversial resource

Player Characters

PCs and NPCs of Ibis

In Burning Empires, players have their primary character and they can play secondary characters if their primary character pays for a second-in-charge (2iC) with relationship points during character creation.

Barnes: Crime Lord, Smuggler, and Noble Bastard
Brunhild Von Peregrine-Ferrishold: Human Figure of Note, Noble Psychologist, Commander of the Ordo Corvisar
Clementine Church: Human Figure of Note, Military Commander
Valencio Lysander Duncan-Pare (Dean-Marshall): AKA Little Val, Human Figure of Note, Noble Warrior and Detective
Victor Kempler: Barnes’ Consiglieri
Tarquia Syb: Little Val’s right hand woman

Game Master Characters

The GM has to use the same rules as the players to create characters. The GM can only create characters that are paid for through the mechanics or are created through “Circles tests” in play:

Amber Von Peregrine: Vaylen Figure of Note, Power Behind the Throne
Duke Jurek Reynar: Vaylen Figure of Note, Imperial Space Captain
Inquisitor Aƶalbjorn Panzer Bjorven: Vaylen Figure of Note, Psychic Inquisitor Priest
Gooch: Amber’s bodyguard
Tranic Von Loor: Inquisitor Bjorven’s second-in-charge
Hafdan of Rook: Low-life criminal, kingpin of the black market on Ibis

Minor Characters

Often minor characters are created during the game that serve a purpose in the story but don’t rise to a level where they need to be fully fleshed out in the mechanics. Sometimes these characters will become more important to the story and move up to the big leagues.

Pan-University Dean-Provost of Ibis, Prince Isembard: Noble Ruler of Ibis
X’igaa Kaa: Mukhadish Leader
Quandus of House Ultep: Exiled Ordo Corvisar and Hafdan’s 2iC
Typical Cop: For when we need stats for the average policeman on Ibis
Typical Mobster: The average, murderous thug in the Family’s employ

Maneuver Scene Cards at the table

Phases and Maneuvers

There is an overarching timing mechanic, called the “Infection”, in Burning Empires that drives the game. There are three phases to the Infection and many “maneuvers” within each phase. Each session consists of one or two maneuvers. The adventure logs for our game will follow the format of Phase: Manuever # starting with Infiltration: Maneuver 1:

Infiltration Phase, First Maneuver – Quick Summary
Infiltration Phase, First Maneuver – Detailed
Infiltration Phase, Second Maneuver
Infiltration Phase, Third Maneuver
Infiltration Phase, Fourth Maneuver
Infiltration Phase, Fifth Maneuver

Infiltration Phase

So far in the first phase of the game, the Humans have successfully assessed the Factions of Ibis and “activated” one of those factions – Theocratic Institutions, aka Mundus Humanitas – by distracting them with an internal investigation. Points for that faction were added to the Human disposition for this phase. The Vaylen have successfully assessed the Human disposition and managed to decrease it slightly while preventing the Humans from assessing the Vaylen disposition.

Starting Dispositions: Human 25, Vaylen 36
Current Dispositions: Human 13, Vaylen 28

The Defense of Ibis

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