The Defense of Ibis

Infiltration Phase, First Maneuver: Quick Summary

We played our first session last night. We only played one Maneuver, but it went very well. We’ll post a more detailed summary before the next session.

  • Little Val raided a Sub-A rave, but Hafdan and Clementine got away and made friends with the Mukhadish leader.
  • A Duel of Wits between Little Val and Barnes. Barnes convinced Little Val to arrest and prosecute Hafdan of Rook and keep Barnes’ role in the affair secret.
  • Gooch tried to find out about Clementine’s meeting with the Mukhadish. He came up empty and tipped off Clementine in the process
  • A brutal Psychic Duel where Brunhild Von Peregrine-Ferrishold mentally abused Clementine Church into giving her Muhkadish army to Brunhild (assuming she even succeeds in that goal.
  • The Human side won Maneuver, successfully Assessing the Factions.
Scene Economy

Here’s a picture of the Burning Empires scene economy in action:

Scenes infil maneuver1



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