The Planet Ibis is a small planet filled with majestic scenery. Nestled among its volcanos, vast mountain ranges, irradiated fjords, rolling steppes and crystal-studded tundra sit the sculpted arcoplexes of the greatest seats of learning in the Karsan hegemony.

Ibis is the university planet of the Karsan League. The noble houses, Mundus Humanatis, Cult Churches, and Circle of 10,000 all support different colleges on the planet even as they vie against one another for dominance. The elite of the Karsan League often send their children to Ibis to study. Most of the institutions focus on science and technology, but the arts are not neglected on Ibis.

Most universities operate as self-sufficient city states and a general peace is maintained by the presence of the Imperial Bureaucracy, which has been known to use accreditation failure as an excuse for evacuation or invasion of a college.
Mountains and terrain
Galactic Location: Interior World
Atmosphere: Human-Life-Supporting
Hydrology: Predominantly Liquid
Topography: Naturally rugged and broken terrain – Ibis’ amazing vistas made it an idyllic locale for inspiring the gifted minds of academics and philosophers.
Primary Government: Noble Fief – nobles are mostly also academics – deans, professors, etc. – in the institutions that often bare their family’s name. Pan-University Dean-Provost of Ibis, Prince Isembard, is the current ruler of Ibis.
Tech Index: Low Index
Predominant Military: Religious Orders (see Cult Churches below and Religions of Ibis)
- Cult Churches: The Ecumenical Choir of Faiths (ECF). This collection of various beliefs is accepted on Ibis and has the primary responsibility for the military defense of Ibis.
- Imperial Bureaucracy: Emperor Tirkahn’s presence on Ibis. The bureaucracy supports the ruling nobles and tries to keep good relations with all the factions – but the needs of the empire must always come first.
- Organized Crime: The “Family” on Ibis is a powerful but diffuse criminal network. Their rackets are primarily smuggling contraband, heretical propaganda, and stolen research, and blackmail. Occasionally kidnapping and moving people between rival universities or fostering and profiting from rival noble squabblings. Administration Building
- Psychologist Foundation: The Circle of 10,000 is a powerful force on Ibis as are offshoot groups like Brunhild Von Peregrine-Ferrishold‘s Ordo Corvisar
- Theocratic Institutions: Mundus Humanitas is alive and well on Ibis. They oppose the ECF and do what they can to harass them.
Attitude: Indifferent – the academics of Ibis believe that their distance from the front, various “Vaylen Contingency Plans”, and intensive study of biology and neuroscience will keep them safe from infiltration.
Export/Industry: Services – primarily education and research
Quarantine: Advanced, controlled by the ECF ground forces
- Quarantined: fresh fruit and food, livestock, pets, off-world labor, medical machinery, and cryonic machinery
- Not Quarantined: tourists/travelers, instrumentation (all)
Regulation: Loosely Regulated, controlled by Prince Isembard’s Secret Police
- Restricted: slavery is illegal on Ibis
- Tarrifed: psychology, entertainment, recreational drugs

Figures of Note
Human: Clementine Church (Regina Luna), Valencio Lysander Duncan-Pare (Dean-Marshall), Brunhild Von Peregrine-Ferrishold
Vaylen: Duke Jurek Reynar, Inquisitor Aƶalbjorn Panzer Bjorven, Amber Von Peregrine

Initial Disposition

Infiltration Usurpation Invasion
Human 17+8= 25 23 28
Vaylen 30+6= 36 28 22

The addition above represents the contribution of the Figure of Note for the phase.


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